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PT. OXIOO TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA is a digital company that offers innovative solutions to increase the value of your business. We are ready to provide the best solution through the development of Industry 4.0 needed. Our products and services are created and developed by young people who are professional and passionate in their fields so that they are able to produce innovative, creative, and solutive products to support your business needs. The services and products that we provide are not only business oriented, but we also have a vision to spread the benefits and tangible contributions to the social-community environment through digital products.

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Our Success is not only about the product quality we produce, but also the attitude and way we treat client. We will help you to realize ideas ranging from analysis, sketching, to real products that are ready to lead your business to be more optimal.


Web and Mobile Apps Development

We build Web Based Application or Mobile based Application on the needs of end-users, design the software using a variety of standard methodologies or using documents from your company. We then execute the plan with our team who have expertise on a wide variety of information system. We provide digital transformation using the latest technology which is very effective, interactive and easy to use.

IT Consultant

We serve consultancy about Information technology to prepare a system that is able to support your business or personal needs. We have a different approach to maximize the use of technology in your organizations. We analyze management problem and find appropriate technology to solve that specific problem. By our knowledges and experiences for developing technology, we can analyze some problems that can be solved by applying a specific technology.

Artificial Intelligence

We can provide brilliant BOT development that can be your virtual customer service or personal assistant. We can build the best AI-powered chatbot using our powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence capability to make it the smart bot which answer customers’ inquiries cheaply, quickly, in real-time. We can publish your chatbot to mobile devices, web apps and chat services such as Web, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, and others.

Internet of Things

We can provide IoT solutions to improve your company into smart industry. Our solutions are creating opportunities for more direct integration of physical devices with computing systems, allowing objects to be controlled remotely across an existing network infrastructure. IoT Technology are able to increase productivity, reduce budget, and save more energy of your company

Data Science

We can transform data into important information to optimize your business. Exploring extraordinary insights through data science to provide you accurate predictions, actionable Insights and advanced business decision-making assistance.


We can provide clean, modern, and dynamic UI and UX design.









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AKAD app

Wedding Invitation Website

Furniture Management System

Application Management for Furniture Business